Fire Sprinkler System Fire Training Safe Drinking Water Sprinklers Wood Dust Data Sheets Designs To Draw Sprinkler Sprinkler Globe’s Engineering Archives: 1949 design drawing for a Model C Vertical Sidewall Sprinkler. If the valve has ring joint facings, the ring gasket number is stamped into the O.D. of the flange. Preferred Pressure End and seat size code are stamped on the O.D. of flanged valves, and on the hub end of butt weld and threaded valves. The end connection size and class are stamped or cast on the body. Product Data: Within 10 days after the award of the contract, submit technical product specification sheets for each system component and device which include data needed to prove compliance with this specification. Clearly indicate the exact model of each component to be provided. Sprinklers used in horizontal combustible concealed spaces (with a slope not exceeding 2 in 12) with combustible wood truss, wood joist construction, or bar joist construction having a combustible upper surface and where the depth of the space is less than 36 in. (914 mm) from deck to deck or with double wood joist construction with a maximum of 36 in. (914 mm) between the top of the ... Find Watts Check Valves Data Sheets on GlobalSpec. ... (Globe) and 600AD-16 (Angle) are Ductile Iron, reduced port, dual chamber basic valves that incorporate a two ...

Sprinkler Innovations Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler Head presents an immediate solution to this problem. The Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler Head automatically retracts and resets itself. The trip test is run, and when the system is depressurized, the Retractable Telescoping Sprinkler Head resets itself. The computer printout showing sprinkler locations, sprinkler flow rates, pipe pressures, sprinkler pressure, type of sprinkler, nozzle sizes, drop length, type and pressure rating of regulators, friction loss “C” factors, lateral inside diameter(s), timer setting – gross application depth table, and field elevation gain in feet to ensure ...

Property Owners Should Act Now To Request Replacement of Sprinkler Heads. WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Globe Fire Sprinkler Corp. are urging residential and commercial property owners who have model J dry-type series fire sprinklers covered under the previously-announced recall and have not yet filed a claim to replace them, to contact Globe Fire ... Application (Continued) MODEL SL FUSIBLE LINK Maximum Link Allowable Temperature Temperature Rating Exposure Part No.* °F (°C)°F Color of Link(°C) data sheet FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL ARGCO AT 1-800-854-1015 OR LOG ONTO WWW.ARGCO.COM PART # 65-20-045HV 65-20-050HV 65-20-055HV 65-20-060HV 65-20-065HV 65-20-070HV GLOBE VALVES - RUBBER SEAT These valves are recommended where tight shut-off and frequent operation is required Heavy Pattern Globe Valves SIZE 1/2” 3/4” 1” 1-1/4” 1-1/2 ... Manufactures valves for a variety of plumbing and industrial uses many sold under the company's Apollo brand. The High Plains Regional Ground-Water Study is one such study area, designed to address issues relevant to the High Plains Aquifer system while supplementing water-quality information collected in other study units across the Nation. Implementation of the NAWQA Program for the High Plains Regional Ground-Water Study area began in 1998. The NIBCO® bronze angle globe valve is designed for automatic fire sprinkler systems for on/off service to sprinkler hose. These valves are equipped with hose cap and chain (hose threads are American National Fire Hose threads 7.5 threads per inch).

FM Approvals has been made aware of a falsified FM Approvals Certificate of Compliance (CoC). The document (attached as Figure 1) is an image of the falsified CoC misrepresenting USA VTON International Group "Solenoid Valve" as FM Approved. The Globe Fire Sprinkler GL Series Standard Response Pendent Sprinkler is a low profile yet durable design, which utilizes a frangible glass ampule as the thermosensitive element. While the sprinkler provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it can be installed wherever standard spray sprinklers are specified.The Globe GL Series Sprinkler is a low profile yet durable design which utilizes a frangible glass ampule as the thermo-sensitive element. The sprinkler can be installed wherever standard spray sprinklers are specified. This sprinkler series is available in various styles, orifices, temperature ratings and finishes to meet varying design ... 581 Series Silent Globe Check Valve. The Cla-Val 581 Series Silent Globe Check Valve has a spring- loaded poppet that allows the valve to close before flow reversal occurs, resulting in a silent, non-slam closure. It is a truly silent check valve.

FM Approvals has been made aware of a falsified FM Approvals Certificate of Compliance (CoC). The document (attached as Figure 1) is an image of the falsified CoC misrepresenting USA VTON International Group "Solenoid Valve" as FM Approved. data sheet are not intended to provide complete installation criteria. Model/Sprinkler Identification Numbers (SIN) TY9226 - Pendent K=25.2 TY9226 is a re-designation for C9226, G8441, and S8010. Model ESFR-25 Early Suppression, Fast Response Pendent Sprinklers 25.2 K-factor Page 1 of 8 OCTOBER 2009 TFP312 The Globe Fire Sprinkler Model GL4906 Residential One Inch Adjustable Concealed Pendent Sprinkler has a flat plate profile that utilizes a 3mm frangible glass ampule as the thermosensitive element. The sprinkler features economy, pleasing aesthetics and the lowest allowable water flow from a 4.9K orifice.

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Globe Sprinkler Globe honors the women that manage our supply chain, finance, customer service, sales, business development, production, quality, design engineering, project engineering, safety…and cover every step of the process from inception of a product concept to delivery on the jobsite. The Globe Quick Response GL Series Dry Type Upright Sprinkler is designed for use in special applications such as freezing environments. As an example, they may be ef fi ciently used when connected to a wet type sprinkler system and extended into an unheated attic space. The Globe Quick Response GL Series Dry Type Upright Sprinkler Browse our collection of product data sheets to help you make informed decisions in addressing your product questions. Find product specifications, as well as technical drawings and key information that can help you optimize your everyday business operations. The RECALL is a complete product recall and delisting of the subject sprinkler heads. The "voluntary" part of the program initiated by Central/Tyco involved the supply of a direct replacement for the cancelled heads on a "piece by piece" basis (your sprinkler company would have arranged for this) plus a small "allowance" for the change-out.

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Data Sheets, and the requirements of the Authority Hav-ing Jurisdiction. Care must be exercised that the k-factor, ... sprinkler assemblies are completed by the ... The Globe® QUICK RESPONSE GL SERIES SPRINKLERS offer a low profile, durable design with 3 mm frangible glass ampules (with alcohol) as their thermo-sensitive element. This means sprinkler operation up to six-times faster than standard sprinklers. They can also be used in place of standard sprinklers when allowed by the applicable standards. allows for 1" clearance around the sprinkler body. The GL Series Concealed Sprinkler may be virtually invisible as it does not interrupt the "smooth flow" of the ceiling. Globe's Concealed Sprinkler utilizes its 3mm frangible glass ampule which is located above the ceiling and concealed from view by the ceiling plate. supply shutoff valve, the sprinkler system fire protection valve, alarm line pressure switches, air supervisory pressure switches, supervisory pump switches, and digital pressure gauges that are easily viewed through a window in the cabinet door. For complete Fire-Pac information request publication 30.23. Optional accessories ship separately. Susquehanna Automatic Sprinklers, Inc. 115 N. Harrison St. York, PA 17403 ph: 717-843-1266 fax: 717-852-0976 The Globe Quick Response GL Series Dry Type Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler utilizes a 3mm frangible glass ampule as the thermosensitive element. This provides sprinkler operation approximately six times faster than ordinary sprinklers. At the ampule's rated temperature, the sprinkler opens releasing the bulb seat,